Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to cultivate an equitable organization that nourishes multi-disciplinary dance with a global perspective.

Our vision is to provide dance artists with diverse lived experiences a place to craft dance works relevant to and reflective of our communities.

Southern DanceWorks:

  • Collaborates with a variety of community artists and arts organizations
  • Develops partnerships for educational outreach programs
  • Nurtures young choreographers
  • Grows audiences by presenting multi-disciplinary dance in both site-specific and traditional stage performances
  • Commissions new work by guest choreographers

Artistic Statement

“With thirty years as a contemporary dance artist with a global approach to movement, my goal is that my creations will use dance as a social text to compel others to reshape a world that is inclusive and equitable. My choreography highlights versatility, strength, and artistry while creating a world that reflects everyday life and addresses aspects of imagination and memory.” —Germaul Barnes