Upcoming Events 

Free Community Class: Movement for Parkinson’s 

in partnership with UAB Arts in Medicine 

Movement for Parkinson’s is designed to help those with Parkinson’s develop coordination, strength, balance and confidence in moving their bodies. SDW teaching artists emphasize artistry combined with physical movement to bring joy to those with movement challenges. While created with Parkinson’s Disease in mind, all senior adults and caregivers are encouraged to attend!

The current session runs through April 11, 2024 and meets every Tuesday and Thursday at The Dance Foundation, 1712 27th Ct. S. in Homewood. Contact Lauren Edwards at laurenme@uab.edu with questions. 


In proposal: Lurks Behind

 Scheduled for August 24-25, 2024

Lurks Behind is an engaging and immersive community-building project that seeks to shed light on the impact of economic and geographic isolation on neighborhoods in Birmingham, AL. The project focuses on three historically Black neighborhoods, employing somatic workshops and community conversations to capture the essence of the area’s rich history. The culmination of the project is a two-day site-specific performance that weaves together historical layers with current topics, showcasing the uniqueness of people living in these areas. The performance combines music, dance, and storytelling to create an immersive experience that celebrates love, connection, and community. The neighborhoods are an integral part of this experience, helping to create a harmonious relationship between the auditory and visual elements of the performance. Ultimately, Lurks Behind is designed to leave a lasting impact on its audience.